Email Marketing

Increase Your ROI with Email Marketing

Like you, our team at OptimizationNation receives emails from solicitors that are not effective, get deleted, or get lost in our spam folders. This is not effective email marketing. It leads to upset people resulting in unsubscribes, marking messages as spam, and can ultimately lead to the sender’s (or your) domain being blacklisted.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be waste of time or be a negative for your lists. In fact, it is still one of the most effective ways to increase your bottom line through online marketing quickly.

OptimizationNation does things differently to help you achieve results through effective communication:

Target Audience Understanding – The most important things to understand about your target audience – their personality types, culture, and expectations.

Target Audience Data – Important information to collect from your audience relates to their titles, company, and location. This not only helps you segment your lists more effectively, but allows for better message creation. C-level executives primarily want to understand bottom line results, while engineers might need more detailed information.

Achievable Goal Setting – Because of the limited amount of time people spend looking at an email message, you must capture the recipients’ attention with a single call-to-action or focus and direct them to the desired action your business needs them to take.

Design or No Design – Depending on what your goals are for any particular email campaign, our team of designers will create a template that meets your goals and does not distract recipients’ from the desired action.

Landing Page Customization – The goal of any email message is to get your recipients’ take action. That often times means driving them back to your website. Matching your audiences’ expectations is critical in email marketing. Our team will help create custom landing pages that match the your audiences’ motivations and expectations based on the content of your email message.

A / B Testing – Testing the effectiveness of subject lines, calls-to-actions, content, images, etc. can help you reach achievable results at a faster pace.

Mobile Friendly – The percentage of people who view their emails on mobile devices is increasing every day. We help you create a powerful email marketing campaign that is mobile friendly so your business doesn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Timing – Sending out email messages at the perfect time can be tricky, and that time varies for all industries / audiences. Our team of experts will help you understand the optimum time to send your messages.

Tracking – Peter Drucker said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  We track everything at OptimizationNation. That is truly the only way you can improve any marketing campaign and achieve ROI.