Live Site Greeter

Dramatically Increase Your Visitor-To-Lead Conversions

The ultimate goal of Live Site Greeter is to generate highly qualified leads for your business and forward the entire chat transcript directly to you and / or your sales team as soon as the chat has taken place.

Our Live Site Greeter is a proactive live chat service, that is supported 24 / 7 by OptimizationNation team members. It is a proven strategy that has dramatically grown revenues for clients in many industries. One fundamental of business will never change – people buy from people. We engage your website visitors through human-to-human conversations with a familiar instant message window to increase your “visitor-to-lead” conversion rate.

Our Approach


We discover the primary buying cycle questions of your various target audiences.


We develop an initial script based on FAQs and key company information.


We design the graphical interface so that it matches your branding.


We deploy the necessary code to begin the conversations.


We monitor the chat transcripts closely to identify opportunities for improving responses.


This is an ongoing initiative with the continued goal of serving your website visitors in a professional manner and bringing them closer to doing business with you.