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24/7 Live chat helps manufacturers to increase website conversions

The primary goal of live chat for manufacturers is to generate highly qualified sales leads. By now, most people are familiar with live chat on websites. Most people have even used them for one reason or another – with varying degrees of satisfaction. With over 16 years of experience deploying hundreds of live chat campaigns, we’ve identified the most optimal way to deploy live chat for B2B customers who sell –either directly or via dealers/reps — into niche markets. In fact, we guarantee results or your money back!

Our live chat solution works with companies who have enough web traffic. Contact us if you’re not sure and we can discuss a short-term research project.

Why our live chat is better:

First and foremost, our 24/7 live chat is a proactive live chat. This means that we automatically open up the chat dialogue box after a pre-determined amount of time. We study the average time on site for our clients and then depending on that data, we’ll open up the chat box accordingly. For shorter time on site we open up the chat box around 10 seconds. For longer time on site we wait 30 – 60 seconds.

The next thing we do is absolutely critical for a live chat solution to be successful. We do NOT require the visitor to enter their contact information prior to the chat starting. We allow the visitor to start ‘chatting’ right away. When you require visitors to enter their name and number, you’re only going to engage the most motivated visitors. Sometimes, this is necessary for a company, but we always start by making it as easy as possible to engage the visitors in chat conversations.

One of the main features that makes our live chat solution so much better is the fact that we provide real people behind the chat box – 24/7. A study conducted by InsideSales and MIT found that if you don’t respond to web leads within the first hour, your chances for putting that person into a sales process decreases by a factor of 6! When you engage your website visitors – with real people – while they are on your website, you immediately establish a human-to-human connection. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure your team responds to the chat when it gets sent to you.

live chat for manufacturers

live chat service for manufacturers

Our Approach For Live Chat For Manufacturers:

As soon as the chat has taken place, the entire chat transcript will be forwarded directly to you and/or your sales team. When using live chat services visitors put their motivations and interests into the chat. Our team is also trained to get contact information from the visitors in a conversational manner. Often, we can have the chat transcripts entered into your CRM automatically and tagged as a source, “Interchanges Chat” or something similar. Contact us to see if your CRM is compatible.


For our live chat clients, we’re available all the time to make updates to the chat scripts. Once per month, we send out reports, which show the number of chats and the percentage breakdown of types of chats you are getting. The breakdown will be custom to your business and what is important to your growth strategy.

The report is in a spreadsheet format which is easy to read and also provides a link to view each transcript for that month.

For more detailed information on live chat for industrial manufacturers, visit our blog to read more.

Here are some customer testimonial videos:

Polymer Solutions International

RollerDie + Forming

Vac-con (previous marketing manager)

Vac-con (current marketing manager)

Cleaver Brooks

Here are some key items to consider regarding our live chat solution:

  • We proactively engage every visitor that comes to a website.  We automatically open up the chat box after the visitor has been on the site for at least 10-15 seconds (unless your visitors stay on your site for longer than 4 minutes on average) (This means WAY higher engagement levels than just having a button or icon which the visitor must click to initiate the chat)
  • We don’t require the visitor to enter their name/email in order to start chatting. (this means MUCH higher engagement than if you require them to enter contact details just to start the chat)
  • We provide the people behind the chat, 24/7
  • We have 5 different language capabilities for international opportunities
  • We don’t need our team to know every technical answer.  We just need to be able to engage the visitors and find out how we can help them — then get their contact info.
  • If a chat conversation is highly qualified or gets very technical, we can send text/email alerts to your team members during business hours and they can click a link to jump into the chat conversation.
  • We email the chat transcripts over to our clients in real time as soon as the chat is finished.
  •  We can load the chat transcripts into our clients’ CRM.
  • We send monthly reports and regularly schedule strategy calls to discuss results and improve our performance.
  • We are always available by phone or email or Skype if you need us.


We discover the primary buying cycle questions of your various target audiences.


We develop an initial script based on FAQs and key company information.


We design the graphical interface so that it matches your branding.


We deploy the necessary code to begin the conversations.


We monitor the chat transcripts closely to identify opportunities for improving responses.


This is an ongoing initiative to serve your website visitors in a professional manner and bring them closer to doing business with you.

Contact us to ask about our short-term research project to test if live chat will help your business.