Social Media Marketing

Social Media Lead Generation For Manufacturers

The objective of the social engagement campaign is to generate qualified sales discussions for manufacturer lead generation for your sales team. Our B2B Lead Generation For Manufacturers services have been helping companies grow their business.

There are many social websites and web forums online where discussions relevant to your business take place daily. We quickly gain an understanding of the products/services your manufacturing business offers and more importantly, the language used in your sales process.

We then spend the necessary time to:

  1. Scour these social websites for relevant discussions already taking place.
  2. Initiate discussions about the challenges you help your customers solve.

Lead Generation For Manufacturers

Amplify Your Presence

Engaging in discussions is only part of the manufacturer lead generation strategy when it comes to driving new business opportunities from social channels.

Once we have a solid reputation on the social websites we are managing and a good amount of supporting content, we can amplify the efforts with paid ads. There are many options you can use to drive awareness of your services to companies you want to do business with. We use B2B lead generation strategies such as paid ads targeted at the exact person or title of the company. We review these ads with you and test the types of ads we feel will bring the most success to the campaign.

Some Social Media Account For Manufacturing Companies:

Facebook For Manufacturing Companies
Facebook is the most popular social media network. It is a highly personal platform, so we focus on providing helpful information and one-to-one communication.

Linkedin For Manufacturing Companies
Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn was made for business. LinkedIn boosts your credibility and allows you to network and spread your message to industry leaders. We will work with you to build a strategy of bringing your connections and industry leaders into your group.

Twitter For Manufacturing Companies
Twitter is where people turn for news, information, and advice. We can help you gain a better understanding of how to use Twitter “the right way” to benefit your business. Twitter is not about you, it’s about your followers.

There are various Services like :
Lead Generation For Manufacturers